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Modi Traders

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Automobile Machines

Our industrial experience of more than 35 years enables us in offering an extensive range of automobile machines that is serving the diverse demands of the automobile industry. These high performing machines are heavy duty in construction and are simple to use and maintain. We also undertake customization of this range in accordance with specifications laid down by our clients.

Tyre Changer

Technical Specifications :

  • Self centring Asymmetric 4 Jaw Chuck
  • High Power bead breaker
  • Twin cylinder pneumatic,8" piston ,550 lb force
  • Heavy duty turntable with diameter 580 mm
  • Suitable for alloy rims
  • Working pressure : 8 - 10 bar
  • Max.Tyre dia : 38"
  • Max.Tyre width : 12"
  • Outside Clamping : 10"-18"
  • Inside Clamping : 12.5" -20"
  • Inflation gun and gauge included

Head Surface Grinder

Our hydraulic cylinder surface grinders are one of the popular items of our range and are used in the automobile industry. These head surface grinders are functional even in tough conditions and exhibit increased uptime, durability and resistance from rust. Available in standard and customized specifications, these head surface grinders are offered to our clients in the following models:

1. Segmental Wheel Diametermm / inch300 mm12
2. Segmental Wheel RPMR. P. M.14401440
3. Max. Working of table surfaceMm / inch1220x29048x11.5
4. Max. Height from table to wheelmm / inch60023 ½
5. Travel of Tablemm / inch110043
6. Grinding Capacitymm / inch990 x 28039x11
7. Table Speedmm / inch per min.1829 / 2438 / 365872/96/144
8. Vertical Micro feed Graduationmm / mm.01 mm.01 mm
9. T-Slote Table with 2 (to event bolts)mm / inch13 mm½
10. Centre to T Boltsmm / inch145 mm5 ¾
11. Floor Space Requiredmm / inch3635x 1100 mm143x43
12. Total Heightmm / inch2200 mm86.5
13. Approximate Gross Weightkgs2700 kgs2700 kgs
A. Grinding Head MotorH.P.7 ½ H.P.7 ½ H.P.
B. Feed for Main SlideH.P.1 ½ H.P.1 ½ H.P.
C. Coolant PumpH.P.0.1 H.P.0.1 H.P.
D. Rapid for RamH.P1 H.P.1 H.P.
A. Magnetic Chuckmm / inch755 x 250 mm30x10
B. Options for Head Motor CapacityHP10/12 ½ or 15H.P.10/12 ½ or 15H.P.

Cylinder Honing Machine

Owing to the proficiency of our team of professionals, we are capable of supplying and exporting a quality range of cylinder honing machines. These honing machines are used in different engineering applications and are known for their high efficacy and resistance to corrosion.

The specifications of this range are as follows:

Honing Diameter

65-115 mm

Honing Stroke

300 mm

Stroke Speed

1 -12m/Min

Spindle Speed (Variable)

25 - 200 R.P.M.

Spindle Drive Motor


Power Pack Motor

1 H.P.

Honing head traverse

800 mm

Length of the machine

1600 mm

Width of machine

1200 mm

Height of machine

1600 mm

Technical Specifications

Minimum honing diameter 38 mm (1.5')
Maximum honing diameter 90 mm (3.6) Optional 100 mm (4")
Minimum honing stroke 50 mm (2)
Maximum honing stroke 200 mm (8)
Stroke speed (Infinitely variable) 1-10m/min
Spindle speed (Infinitely variable) 0-250 rpm
Motor tor spindle drive 0.75 kW/1 hp
Motor tor power pack 0 75 kW/1 hp
Coolant motor 0.08 kW/0.1 hp
Length of the machine 1100 mm
Width of the machine 865 mm
Height of the Machine 1775 mm
Net weight (Approx) 350 kg
Gross weight (Approx) 650 kg
Shipping volume 4 m3

Standard Accessories

Single cylinder clamping device (Hydraulic) 1 No.
Honing head 34 mm to 60 mm (1.5" -2.2') 1 No.
Honing head 45 mm lo 65 mm (1.8" -2.4') 1 No.
Honing head 65 mm to 90 mm (2.4" -3.6') 1 No.
Double end spanner 20 - 22 1 No.
Allen Key set (9 Nos.) 1 Set
Honing stone 8x8x75 400C 4 Nos.
Honing stone 10x10x75 400C 4 Nos.
Honing stone 6x6x75 400C 4 Nos.
Honing Du" 8x8x75 4 Nos.
Honing burl 10x10x75 4 Nos.
Honing butt 6x6x75 4 Nos.
Allenkey handle type 4mm 1 No.
Foundation boll with nut 4 Nos.
Corner holder (Small, Medium & Big) 3 Nos.

Crank Shaft Grinding Automobile Machine

While adopting latest technology and using quality raw material, we are continuously engaged in the supplying and exporting of a wide range of crank shaft grinding machines. These crank shaft grinding machines are offered in various standard accessories such as centering stand with dial gauge, normal steady rest, v-guide, radius dresser, flat dresser and coolant tank. We also undertake customization of this range to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Boring And Facing Automobile Machine

For various boring and drilling solutions, we offer high efficiency boring and facing machines. The machine can be tailored according to clients' needs and has following specifications:
MODEL MB-1170 MBM- 1170
Boring Capacity 65-150mm
Boring Head Travel 550mm
Spindle Speeds 50 to 350 RPM
Spindle Feed per Revolution 0.06, 0.10 & 0.15mm
Max. dist from Spindle Center Line to colum 375mm

Max. dist from table to head 1100mm
Working Table Size (Lx W) 1170 x 450mm
Table Traverse - Long 1100mm
Table Traverse - Crosswise 50mm
Max. Miilling Length (MBM 1170) 1100mm
Max Milling Width (MBM 1170) 250mm
Automatic Table feed 0-250mm/min
Motor - Spindle drive 2 HP
Motor - table Displacement (MBM 1170) 0.25 HP

Two Wheeler Ramp

Technical Specifications :

Length  Width Minimum Closed Height Max Lift Height Max Lifting Capacity Weight
1870 mm 550 mm 200 mm 750 mm 200 Kg 95 Kg

Hydraulic Trolley Jacks

Technical Specifications :

Model  2 Ton 3 Ton 5 Ton 10 Ton
Length 590 675 1400 1650
Width 115 125 410 480
Max.Height from floor 400 500 540 540
Max.Lifting Height 565 735 1165 1165
Weight 20 Kg  30 Kg 90 Kg 115 Kg

High Pressure Washers

Technical Specification :

Model PE 50 PE 100 PE 200 PE 300
Operating Pressure 15 kg/cm 18 kg/cm 25 kg/cm 40 kg/cm
Delivery Rate 8 LPM 8 LPM 13 LPM 15 LPM
Motor Power 1 HP 1.5 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Motor RPM 1440 1440 1440 1440
Pump RPM 500 360 360 360
Power Supply 230 V 230 V/415 V 230V/415 V 230V/415 V
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Hose Length(std) 5 Metres 5 Metres 5 Metres 5 Metres
Dimension mm 700x370x460 750x410x550 750x410x550 750x410x550
Weight with Motor 50 Kg 63 Kg 66 Kg 70 Kg

Hand Operated and Pneumatic Grease Dispensers

Technical Specifications:

Model Hand Operated Pneumatic
Capacity 5 Kg 10 Kg 20 Kg 25 Kg 50 Kg
Pressure 3000 psi 8000 psi
Output 3 gms per stroke 350 gms per minute
Hose Length 2 mts hydraulically crimped at the both ends
Type of Hose                    Thermoplastic/Rubber with bursting Pressure at 24000 psi
Pressure Plate Provided
Pressure Gauge Not Provided Not provided
Dimension mm LxBxH 220x260x560 260x280x560 310x330x630 310x440x995 420x530x1010
Weight(Nett) 9.5 Kg 14 Kg 17 Kg 21.5 Kg 32 Kg

Cylinder Block Boring Machine

This machine  is of the Vertical Stationery System, being a precision Fine Boring Machine for the use of various small bore cylinder, such as shown below, specially most for Motorcycles use.

Best Cutting Accuracy can be obtained the finished surface by machine perfectly satisfies and its impossible to make the cylindrical and circular tolerance below 0.01 mm with smooth finish.


Motorcycles, Light Motor Vehicles, Small Type Compressors, Brake Cylinders, Car and Heavy Trucks.

Horizontal Line Boring Machine