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Shapura Chain Saw Machines

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Shapura Chain Saw Machines such as Two Man Chain Saw Machine, Single Phase Chain Saw Machines and One Man Chain Saw Machine from India.

Two Man Chain Saw Machine

SHAPURA' Two Man Chain Saw Machine is a sturdy wood cutting machine available with 33' (84 cm ), 39" (100 cm ), and 48" ( 122 cm ) long guide bars on which saw chain moves with 3 HP motors to cut large diametered wooden logs smoothly. This sturdy two man chain saw machine has proved the best and most useful in Timber Industries all over India. Simple in operation and servicing are the specialities of our two man chain saw machine. Our Motor is fixed in a fan cooled enclosure, having ribbed body for faster and efficient cooling systems. With simple and minimum servicing , this saw will always be ready to use for years to come.

  • Balanced Design
  • Simple and easy Switching System
  • Sturdy Gear Box
  • Vibration free Operation

Single Phase Chain Saw Machines

A light weight, Portable, easy to handle Machine having a dependable heavy duty, Low maintenance motor which can be plugged in to any socket on working site, homes, offices, garden etc

  • · (Imported) Sprocket
  • · Machine with Maintenance Kit
  • · Extra Safety Precaution
  • · Ergonomic Design

One Man Chain Saw Machine

One Man Chain Saw Machine is an ultra modern wood-cutting equipment specially developed to suit Timber Industries. This machine is used in saw mills for log cutting and in timber industries for cutting logs to size and is also used for other purposes cutting like plastic, fiber, cotton bales etc.

Saw mill owners have very much appreciated this machine because it saves time, labour and money, This machine is light in weight and can be carried from one place to another.

This machine is built with specially developed 2 HP motor with an Imported Guide Bar and saw chain, As the machine is absolutely maintenance free, this saw will always be ready to use for years to come.

  • · Easy Handling
  • · Heavy Duty
  • · Safe and Simple Operation
  • · High Cutting Capacity
  • · Vibration Free