Modi Traders

Modi Traders

R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


Industrial Machines

We are a reputed trader of a comprehensive range of process machines and equipment. These machines find wide application in woodwork, paper products, workshops, sheet metal fabrication, automobile and construction industry.

Following are the details of the process machines and equipment that we offer:

Sheet Metal Machines

Workshop Machines

Wood Working Machines

Combi PlanersGet Quotation

Combi Planers

Band Saw MachinesGet Quotation

Band Saw Machines

Garden Tools and Equipments

Waste PickerGet Quotation

Waste Picker

Snake CatcherGet Quotation

Snake Catcher

Branch CutterGet Quotation

Branch Cutter

ChainsawGet Quotation


Power PrunerGet Quotation

Power Pruner

Welding Machines

Automobile Machines

Spot Welders

Lathe Machines

Special Purpose Machines

Cutters& Knives

Veneer Peeling KnifeGet Quotation

Veneer Peeling Knife

Chipper KnivesGet Quotation

Chipper Knives

Staplers and Nailers

Electric StaplerGet Quotation

Electric Stapler

Pneumatic StaplersGet Quotation

Pneumatic Staplers

Brad NailersGet Quotation

Brad Nailers

Food Processing Machines

TIG Welders

TIG WeldersGet Quotation

TIG Welders

TIG Welders ITG 500PGet Quotation

TIG Welders ITG 500P

TIG Welders ITG 222PGet Quotation

TIG Welders ITG 222P

Lifting Products

Hand Pallet TruckGet Quotation

Hand Pallet Truck

Manual StackerGet Quotation

Manual Stacker

Hydraulic Goods LiftGet Quotation

Hydraulic Goods Lift

Wire Feeders

Shearing Machine

Wheel Aligner

Wheel Aligner - TwoGet Quotation

Wheel Aligner - Two

Wheel Aligner KT-006Get Quotation

Wheel Aligner KT-006

3 D Wheel AlignerGet Quotation

3 D Wheel Aligner

Shapura Chain Saw Machines

Geared Precision Radial Drilling Machine.

Multi Process Welder

Wheel Balancer

Bio Shredder & Chipper

Bio ShredderGet Quotation

Bio Shredder

Bio ShredderGet Quotation

Bio Shredder

Plasma Cutters

Welding Automation

Welding RotatorGet Quotation

Welding Rotator

Wine Cooler

Wine CoolerGet Quotation

Wine Cooler

Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Popcorn Machine

Bread Slicer Machines

Bread SlicerGet Quotation

Bread Slicer

Shawarma machine


Sandwich Toaster

Bird Nest Box

Birds NestGet Quotation

Birds Nest

Snake Catcher

Snake CatcherGet Quotation

Snake Catcher

Scissor Lifts

Ice Shaver

Ice Shaver MachineGet Quotation

Ice Shaver Machine

Diesel Engine Driven

Solar Automatic Watering Systems

Bird Feeder

Bird FeederGet Quotation

Bird Feeder

Abrasive Belt Grinder

Abrasive Belt GrinderGet Quotation

Abrasive Belt Grinder


Aqua Power CleanerGet Quotation

Aqua Power Cleaner

Stainless Steel Potato Peeler

Potato Peeler MachineGet Quotation

Potato Peeler Machine

Photo Framing Equipment

Under Pinning MachineGet Quotation

Under Pinning Machine

Mitering MachineGet Quotation

Mitering Machine

All Geared Auto Feed Drilling Machine

Banana slicer

Banana Slicer MachineGet Quotation

Banana Slicer Machine

Portable Coconut Scrapper

Coconut ScraperGet Quotation

Coconut Scraper

Jewelry Dryer Machine

Oil Dryer MachineGet Quotation

Oil Dryer Machine

Mixer Machine And Wet Grinder

Instant Rice GrinderGet Quotation

Instant Rice Grinder

Switch Board Cutting Machine

Automatic Juice Machine

New Items

SprayerGet Quotation


Portable PullerGet Quotation

Portable Puller